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Remember that section of your dresser or maybe your bedroom floor that was always littered with a smattering of CD cases, an eclectic collection of home-made mix CDs, the occasional tape cassette that you probably don’t even have a player for, and hand scrawled interpretations of song lyrics you liked or thought you could write? Okay, for some of us that’s not such a distant memory. That’s what this corner of The Desk is.

I love music. I write music, I play music, I listen to music. Most of all though, I enjoy music. I’m not a purist, that’s for sure. I’m as likely to be jamming to a Bruce Springsteen album that me and my 5 million closest friends all enjoy as I am to be listening to Aaron Telian or Randy Matthews while everyone I know scratches their head wondering who in the world those people are. That’s right, I’ll listen to anything – there’s just one condition.

I have to like it.

That’s it, it’s really simple. That is my one and only requirement to consider music good. So as you enjoy the list of posts below, bear in mind that yes, my taste is eclectic, and yes, it runs the spectrum from pop to completely unknown, but this is the soundtrack of my life and is what you’ll hear playing from the speakers on The Teacher’s desk.

Winter’s Welcome (Isle of Light)

Go (Newsboys)

The Spirit of the Gael (Danny Doyle)

Dan Fogelberg (on Pandora)


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