Who is Mr. Marshall?

Mr. Marshall is crazy.

Really, that’s a fair statement. He teaches a middle school Bible and math class, a high school philosophy class, and two high school math classes – every day. Do you really need more proof than that?

He’s young, eccentric, loud, and genuinely excited about life. Monday through Friday you’ll find him in his classroom or patrolling the halls of the Christian School that employs and tolerates him. Odds are you’ll even find him teaching, lecturing, disciplining, or joking with one of the hundred or so students that endure his classes every day.

Other than that, you’re most likely to encounter him spending time with his family, playing or writing something on his guitar, with his nose in a book, or desperately searching for somebody to play a nerdy game with him.

For those of you who want more than this though, here’s some specifics about the man you know as Mr. Marshall.

Mr. Marshall’s Stats:

First Name: Jonathan
Birthday: December 4th
Height: 5’10”
Hometown: Lakeport, CA
Current City: Oklahoma City, OK
Church: Calvary Chapel OKC

Mr. Marshall is:

– A passionate Christian
– Married to the love of his life, Katherine
– A proud father of the adorable Rose
– Eccentric
– A starving musician – despite the fact that he maintains a day job
– A square dance caller

Mr. Marshall loves:

– His Savior
– Katherine 😀
– Rose
– Music
– Reading
– His students
– Learning

Mr. Marshall is passionate about:

– Truth
– Community
– Relationships- Education
– Jesus
– Peace Theology
– Games


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