Learner’s Permit

Learning has an interesting effect on me.

Please understand, I say this as an educator. I’m very familiar with the idea of learning. Yet ideas and reality so often differ. This is why this blog has been so quiet recently. I’m learning a lot right now. That’s really impressive for a guy who’s spent most of his life believing he already knew everything he needed to know.

The most interesting effect that learning has been having on me is humility. No, I’m not bragging on my humility. I do love irony, but not quite that much. No, I’m just explaining why I haven’t been writing a lot recently. In so many areas of life I really don’t feel like I’ve got it all together intellectually right now because there is so much I’m being taught right now. As such, I find myself pouring time into listening to people instead of talking or writing to people. I ask a lot more questions right now than I give answers. I look to learn more than I look to teach.

That doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. I am, after all, still a teacher. I can see my current education coming out in what I am teaching and sharing with my students. I still have ideas and new discoveries I love to share with others. I’m just spending so much time learning and digesting that teaching and sharing has taken a back seat for a while.

So, by way of a resolution, I want to say that I intend to keep learning. Not only that, but I intend to get back to writing, sharing, and teaching more as I learn. You know, kind of digest all of this stuff out loud. I think that will be good for me and maybe a little bit good for whoever can read this too. Who knows, maybe this humility will have a good effect on my writing. Stay tuned and we’ll see.

For anyone interested, here’s a quick list of topics I’ve been learning a lot about recently in no particular order:

– Hebraic Roots
– Constantine’s Effect on Christianity
– Atheism
– Philosophy
– Jewish Festivals
– Biblical Concepts of Church
– Salvation (Or at least how it’s explained and what it means practically)
– Youth Ministry
– Heaven
– Hell
– Divine Inspiration (Past and present)
– Charismatic Christianity
– Christian Community
– The Relational Nature of God (And his creation)
– Love
– Pacifism
– Technology’s Effects on Culture and Spirituality
– Holiness
– Sin

Yeah, I know. I’m intellectually ADD. It’s okay. Life’s more fun when we tackle it head on. You should join me. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Growing in the garden of His grace,
Jonathan, a servant and follower of the Son of God


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