Small Beginnings

I know it’s been a little bit quiet here lately, but I feel like I have a good excuse.

Today was the first day of school here. I know, teacher’s aren’t supposed to get all jittery and excited about that, but I always do. I remember reading a few years ago when the Internet Monk was talking about how after more than 15 years teaching he really enjoyed the regular pattern of the school year. I think I can relate to that sentiment. More than that, I love the clean slate and fresh start that is the first day of school.

I love the jitters I always get the night before. (Even the ones that make me set three different alarms to be sure at least one of them will go off.)

I love walking down the halls before any students are there. School halls always feel empty until they’re really full.

I love standing outside my classroom door waiting to greet the first students of the year.

I love the wild-eyed looks on my seventh grader’s faces as they come up to me wondering where to go, what to do, and how not to get in trouble.

I especially love the relief on their faces when I get them where they’re supposed to be and tell them it’ll be alright.

I love the greetings I give and receive with repeat students. Teasing them about height and facial hair growth always gets a smile.

I love that each year we all get to start over. Did I have stupid rules last year? Of course I did, but I get to change that today. Did my students get into bad ruts and habits last year? Yeah, they did, but today is a new school year.

God’s mercies are new every morning. While I can’t be that good (although I do strive) at least my students and I get this fresh start every year.

I love it, and I love that I’m back behind the Teacher’s Desk.


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