The Wearing of the Green

Long ago, in what feels like a by-gone age, my family and I used to travel around the country in a fifteen passenger van pulling a little enclosed trailer. We would travel from church to church to play music and share scripture. It wasn’t a Partridge Family re-run, we actually did this. We didn’t live in the van or anything, but we were on the road about thirty weekends a year.  It made for some great memories and even better stories, but that’s not the point.

Danny Doyle: The Spirit of the GaelThe point is that on one of our countless Cracker Barrel stops my brothers and I found this little CD sitting on the CD rack. Dad must have felt generous that day, because we walked out of the store with the CD in hand. I don’t think it ever came out of the CD player the rest of the trip. I’m pretty sure it stayed there for the duration of the next four or five trips as well.

Fast forward several years (like, seven years at least) and focus on New Orleans. My wife and I were spending an afternoon exploring the French Quarter and decided to enjoy the air conditioning of a little used book shop. By chance, I glanced across the shelf of CDs and was delighted to find the same CD that I enjoyed so much as a teenager.

Ever since that day this entire CD has been a premanent resident of my iPhone. I find the ballads pleasant and relaxing. I love to sing along with my fake Irish accent when nobody is listening. This is music that just feels right in every way.

So give it a listen, let me know what you think, and raise a pint to the men and women who gave us some of the greatest music in the world: the Irish.


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