Four Views of Divine Providence

Life may be crazy busy and I may still be trying to find time to put the finishing touches on some more thought provoking posts that I’ve been playing with, but I do seem to still have time to wish for things I don’t yet have. Funny how that works.

It seems that everywhere I turn the last couple of months I wind up in a discussion regarding predestination vs. free-will or a derivitive topic so closely related that I can’t make my point without clarifying my position on this issue. I don’t mind, I have fairly strong opinions and really enjoy fleshing them out through discussion, study, and prayer. It’s just interesting to me, especially since just today I find out about this fascinating book co-authored by Greg Boyd, a personal favorite of mine.

Now, before anyone goes and hires a lynch mob, I already know I don’t entirely agree with Greg’s view on Divine Providence. That being said, I greatly respect his philosophical thought process and value his theological insight. The idea of him and several others of contrasting perspectives writing a book exploring this topic excites me greatly.

So, maybe you’re not as enthused as I am by more educated minds debating a topic that none of us can really understand, but this is definitely on my summer reading list.


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