To Encourage

I am full of courage right now. This isn’t because I’m great and wonderful, because I’m not. This isn’t because I know I can’t fail, because I could. This is because someone encouraged me today.

I have a great co-worker that has been teaching for…well, I won’t embarass her with an accurate number. Let’s just say it’s longer than I’ve been alive. She’s an amazing teacher. I have learned and am sure I will continue to learn so much from her. We were talking over lunch today and, as seems to happen a lot these days, we started discussing my upcoming marriage.

Without going into too much detail, my co-worker shared how her husband and her made a teacher’s salary work and work well and how God never left them flat. She then commended me for the plans Katherine and I have and assured me that she could tell me from experience that it would work as long as we keep following God.


This is real encouragement. This is a conversation that you leave feeling empowered. This is what encouragement is supposed to be. 

I hadn’t thought of it like this before, but when you are encouraging someone you should be building courage in them. It’s more than making someone feel better. It’s more than sharing somehing insightful. It’s a way of building them up and instilling courage in them. 

I am full of courage right now. Somebody encouraged me today.


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