“If I Might Suggest…”

I’m very persuasive.

No, seriously, I was told so this weekend – a couple times. Let me explain.

I was told this on Saturday because of a fascinating conversation I had. I was to have a follow up conversation on Sunday night. Between the conversation on Saturday and the one on Sunday, I took some time and thought about this.

I’m a good communicator. I don’t say that to brag, I say that as a verifiable fact. True, I’m just now getting back to writing after a bit of a hiatus, so my skill at the keyboard is a bit rusty, but verbally it’s a reality that I communicate well. I’m a teacher. I get paid to convince adolescent minds that I’m right and their knowledge is incomplete. I’m successful at what I do.

Here’s why I’ve been mulling this over. I like being persuasive. More often than not, it gets me what I want. I do not however, want to abuse this. I don’t want to be that guy who sweet talks his way into things he really shouldn’t have or talks people out of (or into) things that are important to them for good reasons. I don’t mind, and rather enjoy, pointing out where people have absurd, bigoted, or ungrounded thoughts or beliefs. It’s a fine line between that and talking people out of a conviction that I don’t like, though.

I’m watching myself, more than I used to, and trying to think about this as I convince people of things. I want to always persuade toward truth, not my will or desire. If I want something and am convincing someone to give it to me or help me with it, I want to make dead sure it’s a good thing to want and have, not something I’m getting because I can even though I shouldn’t.

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”
~ Jesus

Oh, and for the record, my conversations on Saturday and Sunday? I’m confident I’m working for the good of the scenario and everyone involved… and I’m very glad I’m very persuasive.


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