Peace Like A Snowfall

I love snow days. I’m currently a couple hours into the afternoon of my second consecutive one this week. The view outside the window is gorgeous, the recliner is comfortable, the blanket is warm, and the Irish Coffee is warmer still. So, I think I’ll take this moment to put the first post into the “Currently Listening” category.

This winter storm we’ve been having threw me back to some music that I used to listen to all the time and haven’t heard in a while. Isle of Light is a small group from Santa Cruz, CA that specializes in celtic music – especially as combined with scriptural/spiritual lyrics. The album that I have playing right now is “Winter’s Welcome”. It’s a fun mix of traditional celtic tunes, celtic-style praise songs, and soft, peaceful songs that seem to warm you as you listen to them.

So give it a listen, and enjoy. Be sure to grab a blanket, a good book, and something hot to drink.

(Fun Fact: Mary Kay Wilkinson (Fiddler, Vocalist) was my second violin teacher and the teacher who taught me to love fiddle tunes.)


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