Mere Churchianity

“A penny for your thoughts, oh no, I’ll sell them for a dollar
they’re worth so much more after I’m a goner
maybe then you’ll hear the words I’ve been singin’
funny when you’re dead how people start listenin'”
~ Kimberly Perry

Sure, it’s a blatant pop-culture reference, but you have to admit, it’s a good quote.

I find it interesting that author, blogger, and fellow teacher Michael Spencer became published only after, and shortly after, losing his battle with cancer. Maybe that’s part of why I find this book so intriguing. Maybe it’s because I’ve always felt encouraged and challenged by what he wrote on his blog while alive.  Maybe it’s because part of me relates to his idea of a post-evangelical wilderness. Maybe it’s because several people I respect enjoyed this book.

Maybe it’s just because I’d like to read Michael’s final chapter.

Whatever my reason, I do want to read this book. I’ve flipped through it at my local book store a couple of times. I’ve even searched the l0cal library system to see if I can find it on the shelves of my local public library. So far it hasn’t hit that number one spot on My Wish-List, so it still resides in the yet-to-be-obtained section, but this is the title most rapidly making it’s way to the top of my list.


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