The Stench of Irony

Every day, every single day, there is a ritual that takes place in Mr. Marshall’s classroom.

You see, for the second, third, and fifth hours of the school day room 211 is occupied by Sophomores. The missing fourth hour finds the Juniors inhabiting the rather small and windowless space

Every day, every single day, when the Juniors enter the classroom after it has seen two hours of Sophomores one of them inevitably exclaims,

“Oh! The Sophomores stink! Don’t any of them know any more about hygiene than perfume and cologne?”

Granted, the validity of this statement could easily be argued, but that’s not the point.

Also every day, when the Sophomores re-enter after an hour’s absence, one of them simply has to say,

“I can’t believe how much the Juniors stink. Don’t they use deodorant?”

Again, the validity of the statement isn’t in question. What has to be seen as humorous is that each class complains about the other without seeing the same fault in themselves.

Isn’t that the way way of it though? We’re so quick to see faults in others that we have in our own life without ever admitting or even realizing where it is we ourselves are failing.

It’s so easy to criticize the prideful pastor without realizing that our very condemnations place us under judgment for the same sin. We don’t even realize that when we complain about how much someone we know takes up offenses for others, we tend to be doing so ourselves.

“Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?” ~ Matthew 7:3

It’s hard, isn’t it?


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