The Teacher’s Desk

The teacher’s desk is a mess.

True, that’s probably not the most respect or awe-inspiring way to start a description, but you must admit it’s provocative.

Besides that point, it’s true. The teacher’s desk in room 211 at Destiny Christian School is in a constant state of disarray. Papers with large red grades scrawled across the top, papers yet to be graded, textbooks, teacher’s manuals, and random office supplies are strewn hither and yon upon the wood facade that serves as a working surface for the dictator of the classroom. The teacher’s desk is cluttered with the stuff and process of learning.

Yet, in the middle of this mess, Mr. Marshall knows exactly were to find…well…most of the things he needs to have or know about; which is where this blog comes in.

Just like in the classroom, The Teacher’s Desk is a surface strewn with the stuff and process of learning.

So what is learning? That’s simple; learning is life.

Life is complicated. Not only that, but life is just plain hard. This is because life is, in essence, the never-ending process of learning. Learning is never really an easy process; or at least it shouldn’t be. To learn something is to implant something new or different in our lives. When a high school student enters his geometry class, he is presented with the same basic shapes that he learned in kindergarten. Most students realize this right off and are quite outspoken in their observation of this fact. The beauty of geometry however rests in the addition of information completely new and foreign to the kindergarten concepts they learned ten years previously. The teacher will show them facts, numbers, formulas, proofs, and equations that they never would have fathomed could be brought to bear on such a simple concept as a triangle or circle.

These facts, the basis of education, form the “stuff” of learning. These are the things that textbooks are made of, worksheets are filled with, and teachers spout endlessly.

However, this “stuff” alone is not enough to create an education or cause learning to happen. Learning occurs when we allow the facts to change us.

That geometry student hasn’t truly learned anything about a circle until he begins to look at a circle and instead of seeing a building block shape he sees a diameter, radius, and circumference. It is the change in the way we think, the way we see things, and the way we do things that is the true meter of learning.

As we mature and grow closer to God, we will change. If we are able to make it through our lives, or even just a very small portion of our lives, without making at least some changes to the way we are then the question would be begged; “Are we truly living?”

This life isn’t just about the daily grind, the American Dream, or living to the fullest. This life is about moving forward, growing closer to God, caring about others, and becoming like Christ. All of these require one very hard thing though; change.

This is the process of learning. This is where we move from having facts fill our heads to letting the Spirit lead us into all truth and mold our lives after Christ. This is where true learning takes place.

This is what this blog is all about.

As Mr. Marshall (Or Jonathan, as anyone who has earned a High School Diploma may call him) teaches high school to the next generation of learning Christians, thoughts, facts, trivia, lessons, observations, and a smattering of all the other things that are part of the “stuff” of life learning as seen from the back of a classroom will make it into post after post of randomness.

May God instill His voice in the lessons shared. May He guide the pen, keyboard, and venting of an often frazzled teacher. May He bless every random bit that makes the trek from one desk to the other.

And oh yes…if Mr. Marshall can’t keep the desk in room 211 clean from day to day, do you really expect him to keep this one clean?

No, The Teacher’s Desk is a mess.


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